The start-up CTO — Why?

  • A user-focused individual who has brought product to an external market, seen it generate real income and supported those customers
  • A software developer of multiple languages across many industry verticals having developed solutions across business and consumer audiences
  • A specialist in Agile, not just as a practitioner but in driving a Lean Manufacturing approach to complex product delivery
  • An end to end experienced person from ‘requirement to live service’ with respect to the entire Software Delivery Lifecycle
  • Someone who understands quality and delivers the automation to keep it healthy, recognising the value of site reliability engineering
  • A cloud experienced engineer ready to develop systems good for the 2020’s
  • An operations minded technologist who develops knowing it has to work 24/7 with minimal or no human support
  • A highly skilled team builder with a strong devops culture of one-team winning together



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Adrian Butter

Adrian Butter

Husband / Dad / Ultra-Runner / Technologist / CTO / Chartered Engineer