The one about — ‘where to start and the MVP’

Right at the beginning of the start-up journey there is a need to define what will be the journey to your MVP — the minimum viable product. The first product or service you will launch to an audience. …

The one about — ‘why you need a CTO’

Welcome to ‘Start Up CTO’ — my notes on everything StartUp, Technology and CTO. …

The technology news has recently seen a few Disaster Recovery (DR) stories that remind us, as both consumers and professionals, of the need to be secure in the knowledge of the service that we provide to you.

The expectations for digital products have never been higher — we all want…

DevOps isn’t Dev-Ops, Dev & Ops or Development and Operations. It is one team. Not many people seem to know that.

If you’re building a new software capability like I am, you have to make a few decisions. Some of those may well define a ‘great place to build real products’.

I made one a while back; If we are a small, on-shore, high end consultancy we’re going to need a…

Adrian Butter

Husband / Dad / Ultra-Runner / Technologist / CTO / Chartered Engineer

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